Wednesday, January 30, 2008 / 7:25 PM

The Air Headed, Cinta Laura
‘udah hujyan, becyek, ghak ada ojyek!’

She’s a phenomenon here in Indonesia. Suddenly with a blast she can rise up as one of the top artist in Indonesia with her series, Cinderella. I once watched her series,and trust me, she’s sucks! can you believe that she's still fuckin 13 with that 'boros" looks?! XD

So what’s with this girl that she can be throned as a phenomenon’s artist? Okay, first her appereance, she’s so fuckin’ skinny, but hey we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about her STUPID ACCENT! It’s just over the edge, dude. Stop talking as if you’re sux in bahasa. Coz you sounds okay on your series. Stop talking with what do you call it ‘ Behasa Iendjyonesya tapi lidah bule’-thingy. She’s sound so horrible with her fake accent. I mean, even Bule doesn’t act like that dude.

The most pathetic thing that I heard from her mouth was when she said this

“ Jyadi, aku skola di Jay Ai Es, Jekarrta Interrnasyonal Shkuul, di saena addja satcyu restaurant susshhie, karna I looove susshie so much especially susshie cyunya, jadjie aku suka makan di sana.”


Ahh I have another one. So she was at the gym with her personal trainer, and she was so TOMBOY, so she looked so tough on that equipment, and she told us that she wants to build her bisceps, coz when she’s still shot her series, it’s so hard for her to go to the gym, and her muscles begun to disappear. And this is what she said,

“akyu dulu syuka skali worky out di jiem, tappie karrna aku sibhuuk dengan syuting sinetron, jadi aku jarang ke jiem. Kalo sekyarang aku jadi bisa benthuk my biceps, and aku pengen lebih skinnier, karna dulu aku lebih skinny, and I likes it, and daddy said I looked good with that skinny look, so blab bla bla…”

DUDE…you already a walking skull! Gosh… there’re so many amazing words that came from her mouth. Like how could she can say “tengkorak (skull)” but she cant say tuna. -_-;;;, she said tomboy, and gastroatritis in very weird and amazing way, even a native speaker doesn’t act that way. what a air headed girl… =_=;;;;

‘It's just because I am so popular….’


"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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