Friday, January 25, 2008 / 2:59 PM

No More Hates…

[read this entry wisely]

Yesterday, finally I made up my mind, and has changed my point of you about Bigeast and JJ’s

fans in Japan. I will stop this craziness now, and will not calling them in such ways. I kept on
calling ‘em a bunch of idiots lately. And I know I was wrong. I just cant help it, after what they
have done to my Junsu for a couple of months, esp at the Premium Live where I really cant help
my self not to call them an idiots. Those thoughts kept on forcing me to always had a negative
feelings towards JJ’s fans. These kind of thoughts like, “yeah I know Junsu is the least favourite
there in Japan”, “why those suckers just cant behave!”, and stuffs, would easily came out from
this stupid mouth.

Okay let me explain the whole story. I think these feelings has been haunting me since their 2nd album’s been released. At first, I thought it was just me who realized some unfairness that Junsu’s received there in Japan. The most obvious one was he always came out bad in every Japanesse magazines while others just would looked stunning! And at some performances I never saw his banner, or he always has the least banners, no one shouted his names while he was performed. People might think I was just over reacting on this. But no, I wasn’t, it’s just the fact. And this kind of feeling seems worsen last year. And I cant believe that one day I found someone’s entry at one forum that share her annoyances about this! I read her entry and other Junsu’s fans’ entries, sharing their opinions about this and why JJ’s fans always try to open a war with Junsu’s fans, trully relieved me, Thank GOD, I wasn’t alone. It wasn’t just me who think this way. I even chatted with her, and every pain in the ass that actually has been piled up in me just like blown up. We share our anger but we just cant change that.And another shocking news came after Thai concert, Erin who can speak Japanesse had a chat with one of Bigeast who came to the concert, and she found out from her that Junsu is the least favourite in Japan, when Erin told me the story, which I knew that already,and i told to Erin, " not making up a story!!", but knowing the idea that it was came out from Bigeast itself just kinda unacceptable to me, kind of denial. It hurts me.

You know Junsu’s Oyaji Gags rite? If you think that was funny and happened naturally coz he always do a lot of cute things in front of camera, and people might amused by that, it means that you just saw those gags in a wrong way. ^^;;. He never did that naturally or anything, he did that on purpose to gather some attentions from Bigeast! Coz he knows that he’s the least, he must find something that can make him appreciated and accepted by them. You know what, everytime he’s starting to look stupid in front of camera with his oyaji gags, that’s the time when my heart’s wrecked. Okay wrecked it’s not a proper word to use, but that describes how my heart goes when looking him been laughing at by others. Im freak I know I am. The one that really pissed me off happened when Premium Live’s songs released. Someone’s recorded Junsu’s Rainy Night performance through her cellphone and uploaded that on the net. You know what, when Junsu’s starting to sing, I heard a shout, so fuckin loud calling Jaejoong’s name! Oh My God… I was speechless, don’t know what to say. It’s just going so overboard! And for god sake, why it was always Jaejoong’s fans.. it’s just didn’t make anysense. My rejection on JJ’s just begun to increased day by day, which actually I hated it, but it’s just something that I cant control.

So yesterday, i think I should end this and deal with it for my own good. I had a very great chat or may I say a positives arguments with Cipa, a loyal JJ’s fans, and Susu ofcourse. Those two were always there for me everytime I started to act overly annoying on this issues, and started to warn me to behave, which was good, and im so thankful and blessed coz I have them here. I really want to share my last IM with Cipa to this entry, but I guess, it might impact both Jaesu’s fans point a view. And after had a great chat yesterday I decided to stop this foolishness, and promise to see everything in both side, not just me as a Junsu’s fan. And believe it or not, it changed everything significantly well!!! Before, I always seems so sensitive over everything that happened on Junsu in Japan, I have to emphasize that, ‘in Japan’, , but now, rite after the conversations, it seems that this world has became more colourful and brighter than before. I saw Bigeast Fanmeet and I saw so many xiahsoul’s slayers that seen in that venue, and I remembered so many compliments that I received and heard about Junsu’s appereances in NHK, Bigeast Fanmeet, and when he’s alone in Tokyo to promote T album. Those were just slapped me on the face, awaken me, and I shud be thankful by that, see, everyone loves Junsu, and IF there are some fans that cant love TVXQ equally just like I do, just ignore them, their existence were just as an adding desert, not the main course just like I do. If you know what I mean. ^^v.

So to all JJ’s fans and ofcourse bigeast, please forgive me. I know it was a mistake and I need to settle this down, and I think ive changed, no more hate…TVXQ=5!!!

PS : tomorrow is Jaejoong’s birthday rite? im gonna post some unseen and wallpaper’s pics of Jaejoong at ^_^


Btw, I saw an American Idol’s auditions last night, and there’s a boy that had an experience just like junsu had when he was 14. he almost lost his voice after his vocal cord paralized. Whoa Junsu’s not alone people! Kkkk… and his voice was kind of similar to Junsu in some way, they both have a hushky voices. And those 3 judges were amazed by his performance, and said it’s so hard to believe that he once cant even talk and sing!

Junsu was picked by SM as a trainee when he was in 7th grade and his voice started to changed in a weird way when he’s in 8th grade. The doctor told him to stop singing or he’d lost his voice forever. He even once thought that GOD wasn’t exist to help him, he always cried and started to stop dreaming to be a singer, everyday at his apartment he shouted loudly at the sky, this actually could worsen his voice, but he guessed maybe that’s why his voice is kinda hushky now. Everyday all that he received was just a humiliation by other trainees, some of them even mocked him and said that he just finally ended as a singer at night pub!

His voice became normal again, amazingly, just a couple of months before he debuted as one of the member of TVXQ!

Ahh, I wanna share you something, I love Junsu even more after I heard his words at one of show in Korea. I will make a quote..

“ Always look at the world with optimistic and positive thoughts, Although bad things can
happened, think ‘ this may lead to something good’ something bad could be happening now,but it was a necessary path to a bigger happiness, so that’s what I consider my voice change as well.”

Im so touched by this, this is so inspiring! Thank you Junsu-yah… Saranghae….


Okay I will leave you with a pictures from Bigeast Fanmeet and from Toho no bloggie.
credit: iixiah + xiahsoul

ahhh that deadly stare....XDD

My fave pic.. OMG..><

These are from the Bigeast Fanmeet on the day 'T' was released.
Look you can see so many Shappa there.. i spot more than so happy ^^
in this fanmeet also, they decided to seperate the promotion team, so after a Jan kei po thingy,
YunJae were decided to promote in Osaka, Kissu Couple were in Fukuoka, and my Junsu lefted alone in Tokyo..thehehehe...


"Always Keep The Faith..."

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