Tuesday, January 29, 2008 / 3:04 PM
Novrie-oni, Imel, and Yani-Oni

Me and Susu

Odi-Oni, Imel, and again Yani-Oni..Kkkk


actually, i was like singing a happy birthday song,
but why it turned out as if i was praying? XD

Aren't you tired, Vie? Kkkk...

^_^;;; . kyahahaha

so while these couple tried to smooch,
Imel and Yani-Oni were busy with their HD XD. Hahaha

Happy Birthday Jae! ^0^

Last Saturday I went to MTA again.. isn’t that weird I just prefer go to MTA rather than Chitos(Cilandak Town Square), while it’s just like a blink away form my boarding house, unlike MTA. XD. Chitos is the place where so many ‘anak gaul’ or those freaks with the same hairstyles and dressings walking around. But it’s just not my place to hang out, it’s not my style… ^^;;;;.

Okay where were we? Ah, went to MTA again last Saturday and met some Tvxqindo’s members who were gonna celebrate JJ’s Birthday Party. So after finishing my last sip of Frapuccino Vanilla, we went to Ajisen Ramen. We ordered our lunch and sharing our files as usual. Then we celebrated his birthday. ^^. Vie and her friends brought a yummy cake , so we sang a happy birthday song and sending our wishes to JJ.


we love starbucks.. XDD

I was so happy coz finally I can met my cousins yesterday. We decided to meet at Plaza Senayan, and Kinokunia as the meeting point. But luckily I met them at Bulletin, one of music store in PS, and the first sentence that came from their mouth was, “ you’re so thin!”. XDD. Okay, so what am I? A wood? XD. “it’s a compliment tho’”, Angga said, and I was like, kkkkkkk….. so there were Angga, my cousin who studied in Jogja, and Ekkie who lived in Bandung. We rarely can meet each other so yesterday finally we had this family reunion thingy. LOL. those 2 just can make me laugh with their stupid jokes, Angga was good at impersonating someone, and Ekkie, he’s so random. We went to Kino at the 5th floor, and talked randomly there, we’d loved to comment on everything we saw, so yeah… I think those guards just wanted to kick us out. Because it’s already at the end of the month which means, we have no money left in our savvy, so all we can do were just saying ‘dreaamm ooonnn’ while looking at those books, comics and those magz.

*sigh* off from that unaffordable store, kkkk, we decided to take our lunch at food store, due to –again-, a lack of money. XD. Mak-O-Donaru-Do shud be the best place to choosed. While we were eating our lunch, we talked about many things, since our table was near to the escalator, so many things happened on that thing. xD. We don’t know why, why did so many couples try to show their passions on that thing? Not in public pweassee… we also saw celebrities passing ups and downs. XDDDD. Yeah what an awesome escalator! Then we started to chat about everything. Our first topic was Cinta Laura, ill tell you about this girl later, then about my last vacation to Thailand, since Angga is a big fan of Ayumi and Kumi-chan, we watched the utaban when Kumi-chan was there with TVXQ, and suddenly my baby had not enough energy. We have to find an electricity, the best place to choose was the one and only, Starbucks. Since PS has 2 Starbucks, we went to the 1st one that placed on the 1st floor, and it was full with costumers, so we rushed ourselves to the 5th floor, and finally there’s a table, but again, due to the lack of money… LMAO, we just ordered one frapuccino Vanila and cake, for US! XD. Sharing is caring. Hahahah….

We’re there for about 2 hours when we realized it’s already 7 PM. My cousins needed to catch a bus to BSD, where they live at our aunty’s house during their holidays. Since the last bus would going to be there at 7.50 PM, we’re heading back to Kino, lol, and I saw Bleach, HOOSU’s favourite’s comic. Took a pictures, a silly pictures, we saw some pictorial books from J-artists, and suddenly I saw those kids, one of JE artist, and I told them, ‘OMG tau gak ini, kencing aja belum lurus udah nyari duit!!!’, okay it’s an inappropriate thing to translate into English, and BANG! I saw a man, right beside me, was looking after me with a horror look! XDDD. I was so shocked and ashamed. LOL. I think he was amazed with this girl’s jokes. Fufufufuf. My cousins were laughing so hard hearing my jokes and he was like, looking at me with the –what-the-hell-is-she-talking-about-looks! XDDD. Off from that place and went to the entrance gate, it’s quite far tho’, so while we walked , we chatted and threw some jokes and suddenly, when we walked out from the gate, I saw Trans BSD, the bus’ name, and it’s just passing by in front of our eyes, all we can do were just ‘MA~TTEEEE!!!’, means WAIITTT, in Japanesse…. Kyahahaha…. I asked them what shud they do next, and they said, dunno, so I told them I think we can went to my boarding house, and asked our aunty to pick them up at my place, sounds a great idea… XD.

Plaza Senayan from Bus Stop

me and my cousins at my boarding house..

Went to my boarding house, we chatted for about an hour and half, ahhh there’s a time where the owner of the building asking me about those boys and I told her that they’re my cousins, and she said okay. Phew… XD. Finally my aunt came around at 9 and picked them up. Jyaaa ne… see you around.


Im Trully a Cassiopeia!

I realized this a while ago, while looking at this ugly face at the mirror.
I knew I had these small moles for so long, but I never knew that it’s actually can describe a constalation! Not just a constalation, it’s CASSIOPEIA!!! XDDD.

what a happy coincidence, altough it's upside down,kyahahaha
*and it's not a acne! it's a small moles * *maksa [dot] com*

Fyi, Cassiopeia is TVXQ fanbase’s name.

PS : sending my deepest condolences to our Bapak Pembangunan, who passed away 2 days ago. Rest in Peace, Bapak…


"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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