Wednesday, January 30, 2008 / 3:59 PM
Gonna share some caps from recent shows.

THSK’s Waratte Iitomo

credit : kanyumi + YT + DNBN

Ive watched it, but have no clue . the mc was the same mc with Music Station. They had a very lively conversations with this old guy. Im so happy to see it. and again Junsu told everyone that he loves Itshumeboshi, that made jaejoong kind of mocking him, by saying, “he likes to tell everyone about this, it’s like in every shows already!”. LOL. also in this show, there’s a phone call from Koda Kumi. Glad to see they have a good relationship with their senpai. And I love Kumi-Chan too. ^0^/.



Credit: kimtvxq4 +YT + Iixiah + Asianfanatics

Junsu even made Wat laughed by his attempt on showing his charisma’s looks. And got hit by the mc. xDD. I love their Purple Line’s perfm. Junsu sreamed by a bunch of girls.. hahaha.. see, he has fans there… n_n.

The MC's still remembered his oyaji gag's thingy when THSK appeared as a guess on Hey Hey Hey last year.But Junsu said that he's already graduated from the Oyaji Gag's School, and now he's more into Charisma thingy.. XDDD

So he showed his charisma look. And MC smacked his shoulder...XD Even WAT bursted into laugh. xDD


Purlple Line's Performance.
It's getting better in every performances..^_^


THSK’s 'T' Off Shot Movie

credit : hymmx + YT + Iixiah

I like the concept, and he looks so good with that. Opened with a shot beside that huge T letter. And again, I saw him humming a song again. cute tho’

see...he just can't stop singing...^^;;;

"do I look good?"

"yeahh of course!"

*let me try this, seems delicious..*



"eh...did you tape that?!" XD


waa...i want that cellphone!


THSK’s Make on Holiday

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Credit : sirotantan06 + YT + Iixiah

This is their 4th appearance on M-oH, since 2005. Their Japanesse has improved a lot year by year. I still remember their first appereance as a guess in this show, it’s only XiMin who were a talked active members, they still accompanied by a interpreteur btw. But now, it seems so lively, more jokes that we can hear. One of them was a JaeSu moment!! ^^.

So Junsu told the mcs that Jaejoong didn’t give him a present last year, and Jaejoong made a surprised statement. He told everyone that actually in Osaka, he bought Junsu a very expensive glasses, Yen 50K!!!. OMONA! Hahaha….but then he’s afraid that if he gave that to Junsu, others would asked the same amount for their presents. And we can see JaeSu was bickering on this issue. Junsu told him that he never asked him to give an expensive pesent, but then jaejoong said that he never heard him saying so. LMAO.

JaeSu moment ^_^

Oh daymn, this kyaa~ thingy that i loved.
I Like seeing him with that kiddiesh looks. >w<


THSK’s King’s Brunch- Date Master

Part 1:

Part 2 :

Credit : yoochunsa64a + YT + XiahSoul + Iixiah + Asianfanatics

I like this show altough the way that girl speak is so distracting. It’s kinda trying to impressed our boys with that –cute-but-kind-of-fake-‘s sounds. XD. The first destination was to a Bowling arena. There’re Toho Team and Shinki Team, Toho team were HooSuMin, and Shinki Team, ChunJae plus the girl. Junsu looked so gorgeoush and kewl in this game, coz he always looks good at any sport’s games! xDD. In the end HooSuMin got the price…

Second part, they went to have a romantic dinner together at a restaurant ..*envylooks*. And there’s a time when Micky(I love calling him Micky instead Yoochun..^^;;) teased the girl and asked her to choose her favourite among them, and everyone were closing their eyes, but Micky, touched Junsu’s hair, as if it was the girls’s finger. Junsu looked so surprised and happy, but when he was trying to hold his laugh of happiness, Micky told him, that it was him, not the girl. And Junsu with all of sudden, choked Micky really hard, but it was sooo cute. It’s yoosu moment everybody!! Ahh Junsu and his Itsumeboshi-fettish thingy once again... xDD

There’s a time before Jaejoong’s surprised party, Junsu did a stretching, it was an effin kawaaiiiiii stretching!! He was just like.. “AHHH~!!!” in a very kawaaii way. >w<, but when he realized that it’s still tapped, he screamed, ‘edit that out!! xDD”. LOL. So then the girl brought the cake in, and they sang a very amazing birthday song!!! Everyone brought JJ a presents. Junsu bought something for his Ipod, Micky gave him a speaker coz his speaker was broken, Changmin said that Chunjae’s bedroom has no plants, so he brought a mini cactus. YunHo wanted JJ to cook for them everyday more often, so he gave him an apron. ^^. But then suddenly Junsu told the girl, “he never give me a present!” LOL

Part 1

"watch me!"

*kyaaa....look at dat bubbly butt* xD


"It's a Strike, dude!"

*Toho-team, the winner*


Part 2

"My Name is Junsu, and I Love Soccer!"

*another oyaji gag..-_-;;*

*AHH~!* Kawaiiiiii

"edit that out!!"


*JaeSu's Moment*


"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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