Thursday, March 27, 2008 / 5:50 PM

My 1st Patient!

Kkkkk…. A different story each day, truly brightened up my life. A clinic life seems has changed me a lot, in many ways. Hahaha…
So, as my promise on Tuesday, I said that I should work on Thursday, and yess, like at 08.30, there’s a patient that needed to be cured, but there’s a funny story. This panic girl was still kind of nervous facing her first patient, so when there’s a patient that was waiting, I tried to pass my turn to somebody else, means, I still wont work this morning. but everybody was insisting me to work, so yeahhh, I prepared the whole thing on the dental chair, and when I was ready, I asked where was she(my patient), my friend’s already seated my –born-to-be- my first patient on his dental chair, and I was like, ‘ ah damn you! xDDD’, and he was like, ‘tehehehehehe’. Actually cant blame him, my fault for passing my turn to other. So there I was, waiting but still cant believe myself that in a matter of second, there’d been another patient to take care for. LOL. And yess, around 9, there’s a patient, and she was a Prosthodontic’s patient actually, that brought by my senior, but before she went to the prosthodontic’s clinic, her teeth has to be cleaned, so that’s why she went to where I was worked, at the Periodontic’s Clinic. (Guys, actually forget about those dental words… hahaha.. I just wanna shout what’s on my head. Kyahahaha). I asked her whether this patient was an easy one or not, coz her patient would been my first patient, and as a newbie, I was forbided to work with machine, so it has to be a manual procedur. And she said it was an easy one, so yeah, welcome my 1st patient ever!!! *mebeingexaggerate*

I seated her on dental chair around 09.30. and yeah, after examined her mouth, it was an easy one, but yeah, something that I didn’t know that, she has a gingivitis. T_T. so everytime I tried to clean her teeth, it started to bleed, and bleed. And I was like, oh my god, why do you have to be my first patient, while you can be my first case instead. XDDD. I tried as best as I could to cleaned up her teeth, but her bleeding seems became an obstacle for my job. And when the senior that brought her to this clinic came to take her away with her, I said it hasn’t done yet. And kind of pity at ourselves, me, because, I can’t finish at time, and my senior, coz her job got to be stopped because it’s already noon!!! It’s already at 12.00, and she thought it wont finished at time also. So my patient, should come again next week to the prosthodontic’s clinic.

Around 12.30, I think it was done, her teeth were cleaned. And I called the doctor to see how was it. My doctor said I shud continued it with OHI(oral Hygine instructions), where I should showed her how to brush the teeth in a rite way. And those people, I mean, my friends, were making fun at me coz I held the teeth model, in a wrong way, coz I was too excited to teach her how. Kkkk…. Gomenne. Glad that those doctors didn’t see what I did. LOL. So there she came, my doctor, tried to examined my work, and she said it’s still undone, coz there’s still some dirts, and I was like…OMG, after all of this hours?!

*sigh* it was my first patient, and you know what, I even cant get a mark for this work, because it’s regulation, your first scalling patient was uncounted. XDDD. So this 4 hours work just passed just like that. Kkkkk….*diess*

01.30 pm, the counselor called everyone except the one that still worked on their patient*coughme* to fill their attendance sheet before went home. Poor me. Hahhaha… I was there, still troubling with my 1st patient *emphasizingonwordsmyfirstpatientLOL*. And finally, I thought it was cleaned AGAIN, and I called the doctor again, and she said OKAY! Kyahahaha… YOSH!!

So, that was my story about my first patient, that happened today. Sorry for bothering you with the story. Hahahaha…. And Thank you for those who read this story carefully, and I hope you got what I said. I leave you with another picture of me today, at my room, after went back home. Did I look tired? Fufufufufu


"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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