Monday, March 31, 2008 / 5:44 PM
Hi again guys..

so how are you today?it's a tiring monday for me.

i worked at the Paedodontic clinic today, still havent got any patient, so i decided to help my friend did her first medical record to work on.

as newbie in this area, we still got an easy job, but whoa, since it's a new job for us, filling the 'status card' was not an easy job to do, and the patient just made it even worser coz they're still in a very young age.

i helped my friend's patient today, filling her medical record, and got some problems with those questions. we were working from 9, and it finished before 12! XD. at 12 some of us had to go to the JHCC (Jakarta Hall Convention Center) for our graduation reherseal, which will be held tomorrow.

GOSH, all of us were so fuckin tired with the clinic works, and we have to go to jhcc, i went there with my friend's car, we got there at 1.30, and the reherseal started at 2.30. T_T,it's booooring...

finished at 3.30, having our lunch(LOL), and went back home. due to a very horrible traffic, i got home at 5!. hahaha...welcome to jakarta, dude!

here i am, online, posting my entry, and so fuckin tired, ahhh forgot to tell you that my parents were already here. so tomorrow, i will be waking up at 3 AM, preparing myself, and probably we have to 'move' at 5.30, or all of us will be late for the graduation, coz it'll begin at 8.00!!!!

*sigh* i hate living in Jakarta with those so called traffic jam!

The surviviors at JHCC..Kkkkk

i wish i can look as cute as JJ's camwhore pics, but i cant. LMAO!
(you wish..XDD)


Me and Niken


I love these 4 pics...
i hope there'll be a HQ pictures of these ASAP!

i even made the icon for that perfect jawline!

Cute Junchu i mean Sha and Shaki, and Charlie with his lovely Snoopy..
at the USJ SHow, they were holding hands...>.> *envy*

credit : windycity
see..they're holding hands...T_T
credit : iixiah

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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