Tuesday, April 1, 2008 / 5:38 PM

April 1 never been this wonderful as today. Thehehe....
everytime someone mentions about April 1, it'll be related with April Fool. But it's not worked for me today, coz it's my graduation day, and it's not a joke. ^^

i woke up at 2 Am, coz i was afraid that it's already 4! XD. cant sleep well eversince, but i woke again when the alarm rang at 3. phew..went to the bathroom, took a bath, prepared myself and went to the beauty salon(i booked for my make ups 4 days ago). And ready to JHCC at 6! XD. OMG, we're late! and yess, just a kilo from my boarding house, altough it was just 6 in the morning but there's a traffic jam already. GOSH. The crowding Tanah Kusir, continued with even worser Arteri, and Thank GOD the Permata Hijau wasnt that crowded. Turned right to the Tapal Senayan(im not quite sure with the name), and here we were, at Gelora Bung Karno. The JHCC was inside the GBK's area, arrived an hour before the show, at 7! we're sooo lucky!

my friends were already there, they all looked so nice with those make ups and gorgeousssss 'kebaya'. kebaya is our National Dress. Everyone was just dressed up!

the ceremony begun at 08.30. such a lame and booring ceremony until 10.00, and finally, each of us went to the stage each row from each faculty, and the Dekan would gave us our certificates, and the 'rektor' was inaugurating us as a fresh graduates by moving our ribbon's hat from left to the right side. So im officially a fresh graduate today! Lol. but not literally. so sad, being a dentistry student it's not the end of the road for us, coz the clinic world is already waiting!... XDDD( i even remembered that tomorrow, i will have my first paedodontic's patient,a dn my friend, Indah, even has to prepare herself for tomorrow's disscusion with her Paedodontic's couselor. Kkkk)

So, there's a joke about it, when everyone was taking pictures with their friends, even cries when the graduation day, but it's not hapenned that way in our faculty, coz you will meet everyone tomorrow at clinic. Kyahahaah...

what a Happy girl..Kkkkk

ma and my parents



credit : LJ

"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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