Saturday, May 31, 2008 / 2:58 PM

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So yesterday I got a change to get myself online again. Actually I was with Bunda Ican, mba atiek, and yani oni at one of the café in Senayan City Mall. Since im going back to pekanbaru, probably this Sunday, so called this a temporary farewell party. Imel and Erin couldn’t make it, so there’re 4 of us only.

Since that café have a wifi thingy that truly helped us out to download the starshow engsub from YT, kkk..thanx to ginaya, we really had a great time there. Khkhkhkh…

Imel and bunda ican were interviewed by a local newspaper, about TVXQINDO community 2 weeks ago, since I was sick, I cant come to the interview session. But luckily, XD, yesterday the reporter wanted to take another picture of us (kyahahaha) and he hoped that he can took a picture of our collections too, but unfortunately, he told us about that quite late. So that day, we didn’t prepare much, but thanx to yani oni, she brought some of her collections. The reporter said that it’s gonna be released today! XD. *please buy Koran Tempo, today’s edition!* hahahaha…

After the reporter went, We browsed every single sources like fansites, and forums, when I went to Junsoorest to see whether they’re already posted up the airport pictures of Junsu or not, I found a MIRACLE*lmao*. We were so surprised with Junsu’s expressions there, HE’S SMILING AT THE AIRPORT! We felt that suddenly sun now rises from the west. LOL. Junsu can smile that wide at the airport?? WHOA, THAT’S SOMETHING!
Hahahaha….. so we call it, THE TAESU’S EFFECT. I made an evident of this weirdness.. hahahaha…
Just like I said before, I will be happy if Junsu’s happy. So, this moment shud last long tho…don’t wanna see that –freakkin’ me-out-look at the airport anymore..

We chatted for about 3 hours, when suddenly the connections were getting slower..>.>; so we decided to move to PIM 2 instead. Hahahaha… and as expected, the bit rates were crazy.. XD. 101 kbps! YAY! Hahaha…. But so usual, it’s only lasted for 2 hours… I hate PIM 2 for that..-_-;.

Went back home at 7 pm, it’s so sad that im going to go back to pekanbaru. No more PIM, sensi, TA *whatashopaholic’sreason*, and ofcourse, I cant go to another gathering with my fellas….>.<. Ahhh.. Yoochun’s bday is getting near, due to the fact I cant ol easily just like I used to be, it’s hard for me to upload pictures. Im sorry I cant give my members at a gifts just like when I did at Changmin’s bday bash. Mianhae….. Up till now, jaa…..

*NB: got a text said that Taeyeon’s pregnant, GOSH, could you just stop this insanity?! Leave them alone, you still have your own life rite? So does TAESU!*
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"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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