Monday, June 2, 2008 / 3:01 PM

im on my way back AGAIN to my bOarding house while typing this entry. You know, sometimes i made an entry offline, so dont confuse by this weird habbit. ^^v.

i told you earlier on my last post that actually i kind of disagree with Junsu's topless thingy. To be honest, there are some stage acts that i kinda hate it, and unfortunately, My page has those things that i hate. The first one that the big no no for me is "RAIN". omg, I HATE SEEING RAIN ON STAGE! we're not TALKING about that Rain,the Korean gasoo.. XD. I mean water! it's okay if the water is for something like what AYumi Hamasaki did at her 06-07 Countdown Concert, it's effin awesome and kewl, but if we're talking about this rain, like what we see at My Page perfm, it's a big No No for me. The second one, i hate singer who loves to show off their skins! >.>; As for me, those act on stage, like rip off the clothes, or stuffs, just for singer who CANT SING WELL. duh!

so now it's answered, why i hate seeing Junsu did that at Shanghai Concert. Im not being hypocrite, YESS I LOVE TO SEE HIM TOPLESS, but please dont make that as your stage habbit in the future, that's bothering me. i hope this is for the first and the last time. But you can topless in front of me ANYTIME!!

altough i kind of disapointed, but i made a gpx to show you how this cute boy could be THAT HOT! ahahahaha.... Look at those hairy thingy...gawsh... XDDD


"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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