Sunday, June 8, 2008 / 2:24 PM

My bit rate is rising up again…phew..
You know what, im listening to SNSD rite now…one of my fave song, Honey. Dunno why, but I cant hate them. Am I weird? XD after all of those craziness they’ve been done, esp.what fans did to Cassies and other fanbases at Dream Concert last nite. I still like Soshi.

Okay let’s go back to the time, when I first ‘met’ them..
It was around August? Iono, but my friend gave me the link of their 1st single, came with their pictures. And I remember what’s coming from my mouth, ‘which one is jae’s ex-gf? Jessica?! The famous Jessica, which one?” Hahaha… stupid comment. But I guess, that tym, it’s about 5 people were there at our convo, no body CAN point out which one is Jessica was, coz all of them look exactly the same!!! And our next comment was, “totally plastics! XDD it’s so obvious they went to the same surgeon!: *LMAO*.
We’re still in our shatting room, when all of our downloads were done, we listened to their 1st single, and our comment was “ okay..this is song is good tho’… but well, I cant accept their faces, still!, but the songs are okay. Just wait for their performance then.”. Hahahaha……

And now, almost a year after their debut, they already became #1 girlband in Korea, surprisingly…and made their sonbae, CSJH(I really love this group!), kinda lefted out… I miss them, really. Esp after last incident at Dream concert. IF ONLY they’re there instead of Soshi… yeah…there’d been a different story then.

Most of their fans were boys! You can hear everytime they’re on stage, you can hear those low tones..LOL.
And you can see their fancams, you can see their boobs and butts clearly.. BOYS…*khkhkhk*

Actually, just like I said earlier, I cant hate them!
I hope there’s no fight between those fanbases… isn’t that weird seeing Koreans fandoms?

whoa, what am i doing?

this is just a random post by wicked..XD

*dont mind me*


"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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