Friday, March 28, 2008 / 10:40 AM
How’s The Concept?

As my promise earlier, im gonna post my 2 cents about their 3rd Live Tour. But first please, read this entry wisely.

Okay, to be honest, I kind of disappointed with their outfit. Oh my God, what’s with the chokers, those crappy and corny stage outfits?! All I can accept were only the matrix’s outfit and that gorgeous T t-shirt, but there’s an exception for Jaejoong, now I know, why I never saw him wearing a black aviator, coz truly, he’s not suit with it. The matrix’s outfit was OKAY, except for Jaejoong.

Now, the goldie kind of jacket(?), oh my goodness, and complete with the choker that completed their ‘amazing’ styles. O_o’’. And the winner for horrible clothes was their too-tight-silver outfit!!! that’s totally their corniest and crapiest outfit ever! Okay, im their biggest fans, but seeing my fave group wearing those kind of clothes, I just cant help myself. And seems those crappy clothes continue, remember Yunho’s too-tight-halter neck and his I dunno, it’s like a band that oh no, looks like a bra that bothers me a lot, how bout you?! *diess* I truly want to kill their designers. What kind of concept was that?!

And the last horrible clothes was their black vest and brown jeans. O_o. I know that seeing their peeping undies were a great bonuses at Yokohama;s concert, but I hate seeing them wearing that clothes. URRGGHHHHH….i truly, truullllyy disappointed with their outfit! Gosh, you guys were entering a bigger stage, it’s an ARENA TOUR!!! Could you just bring out a fresher concept?

Btw, about their apartment… thehehehe…. So many rumours and gossips about that place already. Hahahaha… *evilgrin*

* I’ll leave you with some of their pictures. Okay, since it’s a Junsu’s fan’ blog, so yeahh… LOL.

credit : iixiah + xiahsoul + dnbn+tvxqcn

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