Saturday, March 29, 2008 / 7:05 PM

guys, have you been chating with someone that you didnt even know who she/he was, but they act literally stupid?
i have some, but this girl trully the dumbass i mean dumbest ever..T_T

okay, on Yahoo Messenger we can online trough our mobile phone, but for me it's kind of expensive, so i just allow my firend to im-ing me if it's an important message.

so there she was, always bothering me with her 'annyeong' thingy. and seems, she doesnt know what 'ol on sms' was. T_T

So finally, today, i met her ONLINE, and look how akward our conversations were...


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coreanaholic_lee: anyeong

Laura l4u: hi

coreanaholic_lee: yoviee imnida

Laura l4u: lola imnida panggapsumnida

coreanaholic_lee: hehe aku ga bisa hanggul lowh

Laura l4u: gk bisa korea kali

Laura l4u: kl hangeul itu artinya tulisan

coreanaholic_lee: hehe iya bener

Laura l4u: lo dpt id YM gw dr mana?

Laura l4u: kok bisa gk tau gw siapa? maksud gw, kok lo add tanpa tau siapa yg lo add

Laura l4u: anehLaura l4u: aja

coreanaholic_lee: hehe mian

coreanaholic_lee: tau dari Forum TI sunes ama FT I

Laura l4u: dimananya?

coreanaholic_lee: kan ada bagian introducenya

Laura l4u: trus kok bisa gk tau gw siapa? lol

Laura l4u: y udh, ya udah

Laura l4u: hehe

coreanaholic_lee: karena aku yang addd

coreanaholic_lee: boleh kan?????

Laura l4u: boleh boleh.silahkan..

Laura l4u: cuma maaf nih, lo suka ganggu kl IM gw

Laura l4u: kan gw lg on sms, jgn d ganggu kecuali pentingc

oreanaholic_lee: maap...... huhuhu

coreanaholic_lee: sekarang ga lh on sms kan

Laura l4u: enggak..

Laura l4u: kan gk ada tulisannya

coreanaholic_lee: suka db atw FT I atw Suju
Laura l4u: pertanyaan lo rada aneh
Laura l4u: gw ngurusin forum TI, kok d tanya suka db apa enggak?
coreanaholic_lee: kenapa
coreanaholic_lee: mian
Laura l4u: ^^;;
coreanaholic_lee: miannnnn
coreanaholic_lee: aku anak baru seeh

coreanaholic_lee: admin atw mod kita

Laura l4u: bukan soal anak baru

Laura l4u: tp itu pertanyaan aneh

Laura l4u: lo tau id gw d ti gak? jgn2 gk tau

Laura l4u: id lo d ti apa?

coreanaholic_lee: Yoviee

Laura l4u: ohh

Laura l4u: beda admin sama mod tau?

coreanaholic_lee: tau kok bu....

coreanaholic_lee: hehe admin atw mod nya???

Laura l4u: coreanaholic_lee: hehe admin atw mod nya??? ==> ini maksudnya apa?

coreanaholic_lee: katanya dikau yang ngurusin TI

coreanaholic_lee: apa Forumnya???

Laura l4u: wah beneran gw bingung sama lo

Laura l4u: HAHAHHALaura l4u: forum TI?

Laura l4u: XD

Laura l4u: lo join gk sih?

Laura l4u: O_O

coreanaholic_lee: iya aku join... disana....

Laura l4u: iya gw adminnya

Laura l4u: *oh tuhan*

coreanaholic_lee: miannnnnnnnnnn

Laura l4u: duh sesange

coreanaholic_lee: aku YOviee

coreanaholic_lee: disana

Laura l4u: iya yoovie

Laura l4u: gk perlu ngomongin ratusan kali kl id lo yoovie

Laura l4u: id gw junsuismine

Laura l4u: T_T;; gw nangis deh ngmng ama lo lama2

coreanaholic_lee: iya deeh miannnn.....

coreanaholic_lee: mian ya sekali lagi.......

Laura l4u: aduhh sesange mian mulu

coreanaholic_lee: mian aku dign out dulu ya.......

coreanaholic_lee: kamsahamnida

Laura l4u: yeah

Laura l4u: w/e


and im pretty sure, rite after she offlining her YM, she spazzed with other members and told other that I was a horrible person.


that's an advantage being an admin....*LMAO*


"Always Keep The Faith..."

Park Yoo Chun.

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